This new laser system can also integrate Laserdyne’s Beamdirector motion and process control capabilities in a space efficient platform coupled with a fiber laser. The 430 Beamdirector is also capable of drilling shaped holes and welding a wide range of materials ranging from copper to stainless steel and to titanium.


Combining higher velocity and acceleration, this third generation Beamdirector features Laserdyne’s contouring head. It provides C (rotary) axis motion of 900°, and D (tilt) axis motion of 300°. This latest Beamdirector laser beam positioning capability with rotary table provides a six-axis system enabling new manufacturing processes while improving existing ones.

Among the 430’s Laserdyne features are the SP94P control, which includes a full complement of standard hardware and software features. These include Automatic Focus Control for capacitive part sensing, patented Optical Focus Control (OFC) for sensing of thermal barrier coated surfaces, Shapesoft software for programming shaped holes, Breakthrough Detection for drilling clean, consistent holes with the minimum number of pulses, and mapping. The SP94P control also allows the customer to use programs created for different Laserdyne systems with little or no modification.


Additional features for improved accuracy and repeatability are: optical encoders for improved accuracy and repeatability, higher assist gas air-flow, optical encoders, adjustable mirrors for easy and accurate beam alignment, and cassette mounted lens and cover slides for quick, accurate changeover.

The Laserdyne 430 Beamdirector operates at speeds up to 800 inch/min in all axes (0-20 m/min) with bidirectional accuracy of 0.0005 inch (12.7 micrometer). This accuracy is throughout the system’s 585 x 408 x 508 mm work envelope, making it ideal for demanding process validation and reliability requirements. Accuracy of the new system is certified to ISO 230-1:1996 and 230-2:2006 in accordance with Prima Power Laserdyne’s standard accuracy and repeatability test procedures.

Achieving a high level of accuracy from prototype to production stages and from one job to another with the Laserdyne 430 is possible because Laserdyne designs and integrates all of its system features. Everything works together in a coordinated manner – the controller, software, motion system, laser and process sensors.

A good example is Laserdyne’s Automatic Focus Control (AFC). This feature has been continuously refined so that both hardware and software is leading edge. AFC precisely guides the motion system, maintaining critical focus position and following the contour of the part regardless of slight surface irregularities. With AFC, all machine axes react to sensing of the part surface, creating unlimited R-axis correction with high speed and unmatched sensitivity.