Renewed series of seam welders

for coated and stainless steel

01. Juni 2011
Bild 1: Renewed series of seam welders
Bild 1: Renewed series of seam welders

Cemsa , the Italian brand for Resistance Welding, has recently renewed the series of seam welders for coated (galvanized, alu-zinc etc.) and stainless steel.

The machine MRL F HD SP1 is designed for longitudinal seam welding tubes and drums up to 1,25 mm thickness with diameters ranging from 100 mm up to 900 mm. It is available in four lengths: 1000, 1500, 1850, 2000 mm square tubes can be also welded by minor modifications on the holding tooling. Main market sectors served are : production of mesh or perforated sheet filters, air conditioning and ventilation pipes, production of flues and chimney tubes, outer heater bodies, water and fuel tanks. The main features that make this machine unique in its category are: Push-Pull-motion by means of synchronized rotation of the upper wheel (pull) with the advancement of the pincers carriage, clamping the rear edges of the tubes, (push). Effectiveness of this proprietary design is well proven by the total absence of residual scrapes.

Holding tooling by means of a universal fixture holding the tube whilst welding and facilitating as well its positioning into the Z reference guide by the operator. This fixture, by simple operations, can be adapted to the full range of dimensions between the stated min and max. No action by the operator all along the welding, which is therefore performed in absolute quality and repeatability.

Copper wire technology, 2 or 2,5mm thickness depending upon the quality of coated surface and thickness, it avoids any change in the feature of the copper contacts, meanwhile protecting the wheels from a rapid wearing caused by the coating material. For stainless or black steel it is also recommended, acting the wire as concentrator of the welding current, so making the welding nut constant all along the length and time, either in quality and in size.

Changeover easy to program by means of a PLC and MMI “touch screen type” making possible to store hundreds programs with alpha-numeric codes, including tube sizes and lengths, tooling working level and welding parameters.