19. JUNI 2018


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Benefits Of New Joining And Forming Technologies

In advance of the Lightweight Vehicle Manufacturing Summit 2017, Luca Cornero, R&D – Product Development Engineer, FCA Italy provides insight into his background, and his thoughts about the conference and presentations.

What is the significance of adhesive bonding technology for the future of lightweighting industry?
The increasing use of lightweight materials and multi-material structures has the need of smart joining technologies. Adhesive bonding for composites structures is one of the best solution to assemble different components. As for multi-material structures adhesive bonding is allowing us to couple different materials accommodating and avoiding problems brought by combination of different properties, as an example difference in thermal expansion or galvanic corrosion. The only “unknown” is how to easily take them apart for serviceability, reparability and recyclability: That’s the main focus of my project.

What actionable solutions can delegates look forward to taking away from your presentation at the summit?
I simply want them to understand the main reason of this research and look at it as a good way to approach at adhesive bonding solution in a different way.

One of the big directions for this year’s event is looking at the current and future joining technology for lightweight materials? What are the important factors when you making a decision for composite material joining?
I think it depends on the application and the market you are planning to be facing at; as an example, if you are planning to manufacture an automotive structure in high volume you will have to take into account the repairability and recyclability at the end of vehicle’s life. In such a way you will select the most appropriate technology, material and assembly strategy; a de-bondable joint will allow you to cope with those problems and you can manufacture a vehicle that has lower impact on costumers costs being able to cope with recycling laws.

What other lightweight solutions are you looking forward to see from this year’s event?
A part from joining technologies in general I’d like to see multi-material structures and hybrid layup solutions for composites structures.

Finally, why in your opinion should the industry be seen at this year’s event?
Even if this event has “vehicle” in the title, I think that it is important to have a broad view of different sectors: automotive, aerospace, marine, motorsport, sport equipment or architecture.


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