17. FEBRUAR 2019


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Im November 2016 übernahm Coherent Rofin-Sinar Technologies, einen Hersteller industrieller Laser und Systemlösungen. Sri Venkat, Senior Vice President von Coherent, wurde vor kurzem mit der Leitung der ehemaligen Rofin-Sinar-Gruppe mit Sitz in Hamburg betraut. Ein Interview im Originalton.
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With the Rofin-Sinar acquisition, what is your current position in the market?

The Rofin-Sinar acquisition adds substantially to Coherent’s capabilities in high power lasers, where our market share has been low. Rofin brings us over three decades of experience in servicing high power, industrial laser applications with products ranging from sources through turnkey tools.
These products emphasize high performance and reliability, which is a perfect match with Coherent’s overall philosophy. Plus, Rofin themselves had acquired several other companies over the past decades, bringing design and fabrication capabilities in core technologies ranging from active fibers, to diodes, to beam delivery subsystems.

Together with Coherent’s expertise in laser components and high-performance lasers, this makes Coherent a uniquely vertically integrated organization in our industry. Finally, with their deep applications knowledge and installed product base, Rofin has brought Coherent immediate credibility in high power laser applications.

What are the key applications and markets you’re best positioned to service?

Our high power products service all the established markets you would expect, including automotive, aerospace, appliances, energy (oil & gas, mining) and general fabrication. And, we will be introducing even higher power lasers and more pulsed products at Laser World of Photonics to further expand our potential markets.

But, Coherent’s entire materials processing portfolio now goes well beyond this. This is because manufacturers across virtually every manufacturing sector, from heavy equipment to microelectronics, are pursuing the same overarching goal of reducing production costs while simultaneously improving yield and final product quality. The highly precise, non-contact nature of laser processing makes them an ideal match for these targets. So, in addition to high power cutting and welding, we’re also involved in a very wide range of micro or high precision processing applications, including additive manufacturing. These utilize lower power CO2 and fiber lasers, and increasingly, nanosecond pulsewidth diode-pumped, solid-state lasers and industrial ultrafast (picosecond pulsewidth regime) sources, as well as excimer lasers. We now support applications spanning precision marking, ablation and microstructuring in industries such as microelectronics fabrication, display production, medical device manufacturing, solar cell production and many others.

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