Extremely low Absorption

Ophir Optics, a leading designer and manufacturer of precision infrared and laser optics, will demonstrate its Fiberlens, a series of innovative collimating lenses, focusing lenses and protective windows for use with high-power fiber lasers, at the Laser World of Photonics Exposition 2015 in Munich from June 22 to 25.

18. Juni 2015
Bild 1: Extremely low Absorption
Bild 1: Extremely low Absorption

The Fiberlens series, which are designed for use with high-power fiber and disk lasers, feature extremely low absorption fused silica substrates and high laser-damage-threshold, long-lifetime, low-absorption anti-reflection coatings on the lenses and windows. Absorption is extremely low at < 50 parts per million (ppm), ensuring the highest cutting quality when using multi-kilowatt fiber-, disk-, and YAG-lasers. Low absorption ensures that Ophir Optics avoid phenomena such as thermal lensing and focus shift, which degrade cutting quality and cutting speed.

To guarantee the high quality and low absorption in its one micron laser optics, Ophir Optics is using a Primes Optical Quality Monitor (OQM) to measure the absorption rate of its lenses and windows. The OQM, which measures the temperature rise of the optics when exposed to one micron laser radiation, can reliably and accurately measure extremely low absorption levels.

Ophir Optics will also demonstrate its innovative High Reflection (HR) laser mirror coating, which was developed for use in high-power CO2-laser resonators and beam delivery systems. It offers superior performance for cavity optics, reflecting >99.9 precent for maximum laser energy and enabling S-polarization locking.

The use of coatings like HR is a cost-effective way to maximize reflection, improve performance with high durability mirror surfaces, and prolong product life while delivering superior cutting quality. Ophir’s OEM-approved HR coating delivers higher reflection than standard coatings at CO2 laser 10.6 micron wavelength.

Ophir Optics will be exhibiting its products in Booth 319, Hall B3.