Expansion of Wavelengths


Water cooled laser diodes for alkali laser pumping at 766 nm, 780 nm and 852 nm are offered by Dilas, founded in 1994 in Mainz.

16. April 2012

The laser bar geometry is based on the popular industry standard of 1 cm bar width, with 19 emitters on a 500 µm pitch with fill factor options of 20 % and 30 %. Typical power conversion efficiency is in the range of 56 % at rated power for all three wavelengths, as measured at 20 °C.

Suitable for research and development, defense and other diode-pumped alkali laser applications, these diodes are assembled in water-cooled stacks to power scale up to kW levels, according to customer requirements.

www.dilas.com (nur englisch)

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